King’s Food Bank

King’s Food Bank was founded in February 2012 by members of the King’s Church, Kendal. The King’s Church team were quickly joined by volunteers from many other Churches in and around Kendal and by people who wanted to give some time to help out in their community.

King’s Food Bank has now provided over 70,000 meals to members of the Kendal Community and its outlying districts. Whilst we would prefer that there was no need for a food bank, we feel privileged to be able to provide food support where there is clearly a need.

King’s Food Bank is one of a handful of independent food banks in the UK. The core team of King’s Food Bank decided to be independent, allowing us the freedom to operate in a way that we think offers the right help and greater dignity to clients in receipt of food support.

If you would like more information about the work of King’s Food Bank, please follow this link to visit the website.